Wednesday, 1 August 2018

I can't resist this !

Just today, I read of another piece of  black and blank news from the brains in Pakatan Harapan's Ministry of Education.

I'll put it this way, with thanks and apologies to  Martin Niemoller's "First they came for the Socialists ................"

First they went for the white shoes, and the political pundits had little to say.

Because it's just a small matter, isn't it - swapping black for white?

Then they went for UTUSAN MALAYSIA,  no reasons given.

Maybe they're the wrong colour like the shoes - and they write in Malay!!

Then who or what next?  Remove nasi lemak and pisang goring from the school canteens?

Gosh, this Ministry in the new government has been such a swarm of busy little bees, drafting and instituting all kinds of revolutionary policies for the improvement of education (and more) in this Malaysia Baru.

Maybe they can learn a thing or two from P Ramlee, the Eminent Person we never had!!

Just read this (8pm today) on Utusan Malaysia.  Black or white?  Yes or no?  Old or New?  Mea Culpa?  Then who????   Aaaah  this must be the fault of the previous government. I donno one eh!


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Anonymous said...

Can it be next can sell lard related products at school canteens?