Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Malay Malady - Episode 1

When the corporeal parts and trappings of  the Malay-Muslim's garments,  physical appearance, titles, education, talent and wealth are removed, we all look anatomically the same - in the eyes of God, and to the worms that consume and recycle our earthly flesh.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. so to speak.

My people - kings and ministers, tycoons, paupers, CEOs, and Directors, managers and supervisors, taxi drivers, road sweepers,  soldiers, policemen, farmers and fishermen, should take a  look at the image below and try to realise that is what they all look like inside when all the flesh and blood turns to mush.

"Alas, poor Yorick.  I knew him well" said Hamlet when he picked up Yorick's skull at the graveyard.

If only I could express that same sentiment when I encounter - in the flesh - some of my fellow-Malay men and women.

A Malay Skull - May 1839 Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries, Part II page 252.

After that brief euphoria in my last posting I find myself back in the pits of another Kafkaesque engagement with Malaiseian bureaucracy.

Just last week on Thursday in a certain government department, we had the bizarre privilege of encountering a government Pegawai  - a government servant - whose explanation of the convoluted workings of his department  was injected with repeats of  "Dengar!", "Dengar Sini!", "Dengar ya!" in a tone that you would use to a dog or a cretin; who very ostentatiously rolled his eyes and looked to Heaven when I started to explain myself; and who shared smirks with the female officer at the next counter - who broke out into giggles at our predicament.

The Malay-Muslim male seems to have a penchant for eye-rolling when talking to a Malay-Muslim female .  I used to think this was just a peculiarity of the highly educated Malay-Muslim male who thinks he is the epitome of the cat's pyjamas.

From A little jaunt into escapism - 9 August 2015
 But from last week's experience it seems to come across the board.  Is it because Malay-Muslim females are somehow an inferior species?

Anne - my stepmother-in-law -  gave me this advice w hen I lamented about the racist abuses thrown at me in Leicester.  "Just visualize these sick people sitting on their toilet seats  with their trousers draped around their feet!"

So, what vision do I create?   I reckon this pegawai to be in his early 30s,   Let me picture him as a snotty toddler wrapped in his kain lampin.  Thirty years ago, throw-away nappies like Pampers were not in vogue except for very select parts of the urban elite.  And thirty years ago, I had just finished my Masters and was embarking on a new life as a married and retired ex-teacher in Leicester.

 And now, in a government office, he is being publicly rude to me in front of his female junior colleague.    I suppose I could be his grandmother's age and if he had been a Malay-Muslim Singaporean his emak and  bapak could have been one of my former students.

I guess I was so upset and too stunned to recite this bidalan to him.

Hidup di-dunia biar beradat             Let's live in this world by the rules of old,
Bahasa tidak berjual beli.                 For manners are not to be bought and sold.

(Extracted from Malay Proverbs,Bidal Melayu by A.W.Hamilton 1937)

But then what's the point?  Too many of our young(er) selfie-and-self-obsessed anak bangsa have lost the art, the sound and rhythm of their cultural background to modernisation, to arabisation, to occidentalisation and to nihilism.  The Lunchais are bobbing on their Labu-labu - long live the me-layu!

The Chinese maintain their tong pao ( of the same womb).  The Malays are divesting theirs into the tong sampah.

                                          Tiada Gentar Membela Diri dan Pusaka Asli


Friday, 22 April 2016

We are now certified .....

..... as a legally married couple in the eyes of the Akta Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam (Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan) 1984, Seksyen 31 (4).

What a relief!  It's like the rich and gooey icing on a Not-so-Secret Recipe Wedding Anniversary Cake.

We have been married for 30 years.  Our marriage was in 1986 at Masjid Assyakirin Jurong, Singapore.  We were issued a wedding certificate by MUIS Singapore.  It was all strictly above board and fully compliant with both the  secular and religious rulings.  We did not opt for some murky corner in Cambodia, Thailand or Indonesia - the various Malaysian versions of Gretna Green.

Before I took up Malaysian citizenship ( which was a heartfelt conscious desire to return to the land of my forefathers), the spouse and I would include our MUIS marriage certificate as a must-have item in our luggage.  It does look a tad travel-worn by now because it accompanied us on our family visits to Batu Pahat/Segamat/ Kuala Lumpur, to our jalan-jalan in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak.  We were warned about Khalwat ; about being caught like a wetback in the US, i.e tangkap basah.

With my change of nationality, I discovered to my horror that we had to go through the nightmarish process of justifying the legality (religious) of our marriage despite our 30-year Marriage  Certificate  from  MUIS Singapore.  One day, perhaps one day, I'll write down the whole gory details of that re-certification drama and trauma which turned my brain bald and my spirit shapeless.

But right now I'm so thankful for that piece of paper which contains just a re-write of the details in our Singapore Marriage Certificate.  But  JAWI forgot to include an important item which MUIS Singapore had assiduously noted down - the name Donald Iain Buchanan @ Mohd Yassir Buchanan bin Abdullah - the genesis of which the religious authorities in Kuala Lumpur were very concerned about. 


A matter of language - Certify, Certifiable and Certification

Finally we must be very careful in our use of words :  To certify (as a verb), means to attest to as the truth or meeting a standard.  Certifiable - which is derived from the verb certify - can be used in two ways.  Firstly it can refer to documents which are certifiable - i.e they can or must be certified.  But throughout all of that period leading up to our Certification  we carried the albatross of the other meaning of certifiable.

That version of certifiable means 'a crazy person' - albeit it's an informal use - but most of the time we did feel like we were in a loony bin or a sin bin!!

You can read of my weary despair at

 At last I can hope and begin to pick up the pieces of AsH.  Thank you all for the patience and indulgence,

Monday, 7 March 2016

Selam (**) kan Malaysia

A fateful portent??

.... snipped from ...

......  a gathering of the saviours of Malaysia.

Got back home just 36 hours ago and it looks like I'll have to get into diving gear if I am to be saved by the above as they bring down the wretched vessel that is Malaysia.

It seems all is not well  and so we have this gathering of  chalk and cheese, a motley crew of men, coming and crawling from the  hallowed halls  and woodwork of politics, civil groups and the media.  How  can their Campaign benefit the Rakyat - except to " sapu chat di rumah yang burok".

We were often reminded ; when elephants get into battle, we - the hoi-polloi - have to get out of the way.

It's difficult for this septuagenarian to distance herself from this made-in-Malaysia soap opera.  It brings to mind the fable  about  "The Horse, Hunter and Stag".

A quarrel had arisen between the Horse and the Stag, so the Horse came to a Hunter to ask his help to take revenge on the Stag.  The Hunter agreed, but said: " If you desire to conquer the Stag, you must permit me to place this piece of iron between your jaws, so that I may guide you with these reins, and allow this saddle to be placed upon your back so that I may keep steady upon you as we  follow after our enemy."  The Horse agreed to the conditions, and the Hunter soon saddled and bridled him.  Then with the aid of the Hunter the Horse soon overcame the Stag, and said to the Hunter: " Now, get off, and remove those things from my mouth and back."

" Not so fast, friend," said the Hunter.  " I have now got you under bit and spur, and prefer to keep you as you are at present."

But I have to make a slight change to the above fable.  The Horse and the Stag actually inhabit the same territory and have a very similar diet.  Although they have four legs they are not as well constructed to outwit the two-legged Hunter's shewdness and tactics.

In this tale about the Horse, the Stag and the Hunter, what lesson can be learned?  Don't you get a feeling of deja vu?  It has happened before in  the history of the Malay domain : during the fall of the Malacca Sultanate, the acquisition of Singapore, the creation of the Straits Settlements, the Federated Malay States, the Unfederated Malay States, the Malayan Union and  even the terms of  Merdeka in 1957.

One last thought before  I  leave to catch up on my jet lag : Jong Pechah, Yu Kenyang.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Humpty Dumpty in Malaysia

AsH will be going home from home in a few days' time.  Here's my mental preparation for the return to a hothouse - weatherwise and political.

When the prospects for the future of my Tanah Air seem so gruesome, perhaps I need to look back - to what we were like - or rather, how we were portrayed - way back in 1839.  In fact, the Malays were never really in charge of their own fate and their future.  But certainly, looking back to my experience of 70 years, we are masters of shooting ourselves in the foot and stabbing each other in the back.

The Malay from ......
....... a May 1839 encyclopaedia, 20 years after Singapore was 'founded' by Stamford Raffles.

According to this encyclopaedia the 'mental powers (of the Malays ) are little developed'.  Look through the old books referring to the Malays and you'll find no end of negative comments about our mental and economic prowess.  In a way it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy that has landed the Malays in their present state of disunity and cretinous infighting.

However the element of bodoh-sombong cannot be discounted.  Also some of our prominent politicians have also shamelessly added another factor : that of 'shame' for which only the Malays are guilty of. I suppose, in this post I can be accused of the same malfeasance for exposing our 'pekong di dada'.

When Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall, "All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again".  Is there a lesson to be learned from this nursery rhyme?

Perhaps we can pick up more tips from the fables of Aesop - which we old-fashioned ex-teachers would resort to - in attempting to teach morality to our young ones.

Take this one.

Politicians anywhere in the world are adept at horse dealing - just observe what's going in the Presidential  Primary in the US, the Brexit campaign in UK and the shameless power struggle in Malaysia. 

2.  Politicians have a knack of making promises and trying to please all just to attain their place in the halls of power.  One who works without principles and manages to eat his cake and keep it, will end up like this.

This lesson is also applicable to Malay men who have a propensity for multiple wives!!

3.  What motivates the policies of those who are power-hungry?

Malaysia has an abundance of bald men and flies!!

4.  What is the price of disunity and greed?

Viva the Reformation??!!

Promises? Hope? Glory? Perfidy?

5.  As for the rakyat who inevitably become  cannon fodder in the battle of the Caesars, take heed of this tale.

Equality is what the elite -  made up of the articulate and powerful and rich - promise to the dispossessed!!

Finally let's take a leaf from one of  P. Ramlee's fables Labu Labi; in his song Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu.

For all confused, jaded and outraged Malaysians - as we have to make choices (or should we?) - think of P. Ramlee's lines.

Hai tukang masak, aku tak sudi
Hai tukang cuci menyakitkan hati.

....even though we are persuaded by......

Inilah dia yang di carinya
Misai tebal, ular sawa

Ini orang nya idaman dara
Lawa tiada manis ada.

It usually ends up in deciding between ...

Biarlah setan atau pun hantu
Cukup bulan makan batu.

Biarlah hantu atau jembalang
Balik kampung, tanam kacang.

And in another room, in the background is the kingpin counting his money:

Tak habis habis dengan asmara chinta (politik)
Kan lagi bagus lagu nasihat ....... bagaimana dapat duit,
Macam mana nak jadi orang kaya !!!

Good Night and Good Luck  Malaysians.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy 80th Birthday to AsH's and Iain's Abang

Dear Bang Long,

When Haron bin Mohammed from Muar/Batu Pahat  married my sister Maznah in 1965, my Mak instructed us to refer to him as Abang Long, shortened to  Bang Long because my sister is the anak sulung, the first born.  He is the only "Abang" we have in our family.

As for Iain, he always refers to Haron, his brother-in-law, as "my abang from Batu Pahat" .  We were so at home in their Jalan Jengkeng house whenever we popped in from Leicester (from the mid Eighties to 2007) to spend time with my mother and the rest of the clan.
Iain enjoyed going over Hidayah's school books and Ash gets busy scoffing a packet of nasi lemak  which Bang Long bought every morning from the warong nearby.
And in those days Bang Long's wife makes super-duper teh tarik!

But what really united the two families was gardening.    Just 2 days ago, in the e-mail, we  received this:
Bang Long and his tin (fig) tree.  His right hand indicates the present height and his left hand shows what it was when he planted it four months ago. What a proud achievement ..... that it made his brother-in-law write...

The spouse's grandiose plans of getting rich (in our dotage) rest completely on his date tree in our garden - which came from a date seed from 4 Ramadans ago, which was then sent to Bukit Mulia for my sister to nurse and nurture until it grew to half its present height.  (It just might produce dates before we reach our eighties.)

It's the same old ploy from both the Scot and the Muar man - to get the two sisters working in the kitchen ..... and they will then devour by the plate full, the capital and the profit - a typical case of AliJohnny enterprise - or maybe Ali-McJohnny ...

Iain's fledgeling date palm

But back to Bang Long.   It's often said that a man (or woman) is made up of more than the sum of its parts.

I shall begin by annotating the parts of this recent octogenarian - this retired teacher, community worker, gardener, DIY plumber, curtain stitcher, world traveller (Scotland, Spain, China ... ), and above all husband, father, grandfather....and beloved abang.

I recall the first time I met this man -  who was to be my sister's husband - when he came to our kampung house at Pasir Panjang to meet his future father-in-law. I don't think I have ever seen such a nervous scaredy cat!  Even his voice trembled when he spoke to my Abah.

It all went fine and Haron bin Mohammed became a full-fledged member of Abdul Hamid's family.

L to R: Mustakim, Maznoor, Kamisah, Abdul Hamid & Sham, Maznah, Haron, Mustapha - 1967

From then on, most of the parts were made up of births and deaths and marriages and more births, sigh....

But that was not all.  For the two sisters and their lesser (?) better(?) halves there were several travels and adventures to share  - three times in England, in Scotland, in Wales and in Spain.

Adventure 1 - Tobermory, Mull  - 2000(?) -  This is a pictorial version.  The details are too gruesome to be recorded.

Oban and Isle of Mull in Scotland
The journey, by ferry from Oban to Tobermory.  Note the village of Dervaig to the east of Tobermory.
Haron's wife had to be pushed and shoved onto the ferry because she has an irrational fear of sea travel.  Nitwit!!!
Beautiful Tobermory.  Note the row of houses at the harbour.

Where we stayed at Tobermory.  Our room is within the green box.

What our room looked like.  On that chair  (within the square)  I watched the man from Muar looking out from the window,  savouring the beautiful peace of Tobermory harbour at night. 

On that trip, Iain took us for a drive to Dervaig.  On the way, the car broke down (the wishbone snapped). He hitched a ride back to Tobermory to get a mechanic.  The three of us waited by the car and soon we were surrounded by Isle of Mull natives, all very suspicious of these strange outsiders hanging around a deserted road in the middle of nowhere.

They were natives of the four-legged variety  -  a flock of sheep - who kept on booing and baaing at the Haji and Hajah and the female Malay maverick.      Well, the spouse got back with a very kind garage owner, who welded the "wishbone"together so we could drive back onto the ferry and back to Oban for a proper repair.      And while we were waiting there, my dear sister scrumped some apples off a tree by the bridge.      (Kids in this part of the world used to "scrump" apples a lot - much to the anger of the owners!)

Adventure 2 - Hadrian's Wall.

From Scotland the intrepid four continued their journey to visit Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland.  As our driver and guide was a typical Scot, he made sure we boarded at places where we could get our money's worth and that meant Youth Hostels.  We never grumbled about that - it's very sensible.  Sometimes we got to stay in grand old houses (the Loch Lomond youth hostel was a huge stately home that belonged to a Scottish tobacco baron) and in the most picturesque locations.  We did our own cooking and dined in lovely oldie-worldie rooms.  Remember the dining room at Oban Youth Hostel?  There was a table for 4, with a lovely view overlooking the sea.  We made the lads chope  (reserve) the table while the lasses got on with the cooking.  Very kiasu but it didn't work all of the time.  Some German tourists got there before we could.

But the piece de resistance of this trip (especially for Bang Long)    ....

.......B6318, Northumberland .....

..... was the search for our Hostel next to Hadrian's Wall .......

............  at the Once Brewed Youth Hostel.

We drove back and forth along this B road looking for the Hostel.  We kept on discovering the sign for the village Twice Brewed but no Once Brewed!  Tempers were getting frayed in the car - we were all trying to be the driver (except my diplomatic sister), while the driver himself was getting more and more agitated.

Well, while doing this posting, I discovered the reason - it all boils down to a peculiar English idiosyncrasy - the desire to keep foreigners confused.

You see,"Once Brewed is also known as Twice Brewed.  If you drive the B6138 from the east you will see the village name  "Once Brewed" "... while those coming from the west will see the name "Twice Brewed"   So naturally, when the driver misses the Twice Brewed roadsign and turns back, he will only see the sign for Once Brewed.    And he will be terribly confused.

So we can't blame the driver's sense of direction.

Adventure 3: Allotment digging

Back in Leicester, we got you working for your supper at Iain's allotment.  

As you both were such keen gardeners, that morning gave you much more joy than shopping at the City Centre.  You both did plenty of digging: Maznah had the joy of lifting the freshest potatoes she's ever seen (the potatoes are just behind the broccoli in the picture).  But she had to contain Bang Long's desire to repair Iain's shed - he's a DIY fanatic.

Adventure 4 - Two pensioners behaving badly on Sept 28 2002.

I almost forgot : when the two of you participated in the 400,000 strong Anti-War Protest in London.  Remember when you both were resting with your placards at Piccadilly Circus?  You were surrounded by cameramen snapping your photographs - they were quite taken by this elderly Muslim couple who took the time and the effort to demonstrate their stand against the War on Iraq.  I guess there must be many pictures of you two somewhere in the ether. Aaah, two celebrities from Malaysia!!!


We had loads more adventures, like the salt in the tea instead of sugar and how we had to have the leftover nasi lemak from breakfast  for  dinner because someone forgot to pack the tin opener!!

But I shall leave all those other memories for you to share with your children and grandchildren.


Bang Long, at the beginning of  your eighth decade we want to jot down  how much you have achieved  in your time - to capture the total sum of this Muar man - not just the isolated parts.  You (and Maznah) were great parents.  A humble couple from humble beginnings, you were adamant that your children should not turn into kacang lupakan kulit.  Before Maria left for university in Liverpool, she was told  "Ingat, kau 'tu hanya anak cikgu", and she has kept true to your reminder.  When Mahzan, who was then ( late 1980s) a medical undergraduate at UM, went to the NUS Hospital to see to his Tok Mok, he noticed an old lady in pain and looking worried.  He went over to her bedside to console her and it helped her no end.

You brought them up to give of their best - for both this world and the hereafter.

Photo by Iain - before he became a fully paid-up member of the family.

They were always made aware that it was duit  rakyat that got them to where they are.

If there's any one image of you that we can recall with fondness, it is this.

Haji Harun on his trusty motorbike - on  his way to the surau.

And so, when Iain did his book Fatimah's Kampung - he included you on page 72-73.

Haron gazing at the destruction of our world - both physically and metaphorically.

I guess that's all I can say.  Many Happy Returns Bang Long from your two weird in-laws.

Thank you for sharing your time with us and for understanding and accepting our foibles and inadequacies.

I remember how you like Effendy.  This song was recorded many, many years ago from vinyl to cassette.  Three years ago I decided to transfer it to a video and here's my crummy handy work for you to enjoy and cry over.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

TrumpCam - the Anglo-American Fetish - Act II

I shall begin with an apology.  We old geezers are prone to repeating ourselves; with our stories and experiences.  We are inclined to slide into reminiscences, beginning with "Aaah, I remember the time when I  ... blah, blah, blah ........." and we fail to see the faces with their eyes rolled up and the silent voices saying, "Here we go again."

However, it's not my intention to foist upon my readers the tales of past times and old writings.

The trouble is, man's bigotry and ignorance tend to echo the sins and stupidity of their forefathers ; from one generation to the next.  And so you get the same old replay - with the codgers and the whippersnappers, the eminences and the hoi polloi at loggerheads over the same old bile and prejudices.

The case of Cameron is a re-run of the old scenario, with the younger regurgitating their foréfathers' contempt of others not of their ilk, and spouting the same cultural and political bigotry.   Old wine in new bottles.

For this part of the AAF (Anglo-American Fetish) I cannot add any new revelation about the mouthings of the present  PM of Great Britain.   They will be merely repetitions and extensions of the old Islamophobe chestnut that his progenitors expounded on. There is, for example, the legacy of their hero and national pride like Sir Winston Churchill.  

In his 1899 book 'The River War" relating to the British war in Sudan Churchill had this to say :

There's also the four times British Prime Minister William Gladstone (1809-1898) who called the Quran an  "accursed book" and held it up during a session in Parliament, saying: " So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world." 

I suppose one could find excuses for such contempt:  those were different times, an era when white Christian Britannia ruled the waves.  We cannot expect them to know better!

But old habits die hard.


The Bottom Feeders

We are well aware of  right-wing extremists in UK like the BNP and others.
From Wikipedia

And this list is only partial - think, for example, of LibertyGB and the English Defence League.     Such groups may be variously categorized as nationalists, far-right, white supremacists, hard-right, radical right, fascist right, ultra-right, xenophobic - and they target (so the pundits say) foreigners, coloureds, blacks and Jews.   

We are bombarded with terms like Islamists, jihadists, Muslim extremists, Islamo-fascists in the print and electronic media.  However the label religious/Christianist Extremists hardly ever sticks to  white (and non-white) Christian affiliated  groups - Anders Brevik, for example, and the Klu Klux Klan are merely lone rangers and aberrations of white/Christian culture.  Christianity is likewise absolved of ungodly practices like slavery, the Holocaust, apartheid and imperialism.

Feed your eyes on these images of the Right Wing Christian Extremists "Britain First".

Note the non-white participant - a genuine True Brit.

Britain First is also reported by Channel 4 - A bona fide mainstream news channel. 

East and West - Never the Twain shall meet. (Kipling)

If ISIS are breeding an international group of followers - so is this German anti-Islam Fascist mob Pegida.

Pegida = the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident.


Feeders at the High Table

They are quite a hallowed lot ranging from Saints, Presidents, philosophers, novelists, Prime Ministers,  and some women too!  Here are some names you can throw into the hat : Theodore Roosevelt, St Thomas Aquinas, Bertrand Russell, Stephen Harper, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wole Soyinka, Francois Gautier, Taslima Nasreen, Narendra Modi,  Naipaul and Rushdie and of course Trump and Cameron.

Take your pick!!


But getting back to the British Prime Minister David Cameron.  How his heart bleeds for the salvation of Muslim women.  He reckons they should be made to learn and speak English so that they are better enabled to absorb and live up to British values  .....

  ...... or else ....  get out of Britain?!??

He had referred to this nagging problem of Muslim integration on 14 June 2014.

He was adamant that :

It bemuses me as to why Western men and women are so up in arms about the rights and plight of Muslim women.  There's no denying that the integrity, equity and  propriety of women of all faiths and colour and shapes require more attention than ever.

Let me quote these from  Femmes d'Islam  (Women in Islam) by Assia Djebar, translated from French by Jean Mac Gibbon.

 1.  Interesting though it is to see what swamps of uncertainty lie in wait for those who think they know most about the problem of the evolution of Moslem women because they are its victims, we should also turn our attention to those who, for a variety of different reasons and on a number of different levels simply pontificate on the problem. (page 11)

2.  But there are worse forms of curiosity than these - more infuriating and laughable because more pretentious or naive.  I mean the well-intentioned, ignorant stranger who is convinced beyond proof that the benighted Moslem woman must be 'rescued' from her misery.  And those less disinterested persons - among them learned scholars - who claim that Moslem women have inferior status in Moslem society because they are excluded from its public activities.(page 12)

 And this book was written 55 years ago in 1961!!! 

For your information, David Cameron, a descendant of King William IV was born in 1966.

For me, the most telling part of Assia Djebar's book is found in the first paragraph of the first chapter.

The story goes that there was once an old Arab who arrived in a European city straight from the wilds of his own land  and was amazed at the pictures of women he saw everywhere : on the films, on shoe boxes, on cheese cartons - on everything that was for sale.  He left the town the same day, or so they say, greatly pitying the women who lived there; in his simplicity he believed that some terrible nameless form of punishment lay behind this exploitation of their likeness. (page 5)

In 1961 David Cameron was just a twinkle in his pater's eyes and I very much doubt if he had been told this little story by his nanny !!!!!! ..... or even got any inkling of such a book or such a subject when in 1988, he graduated First Class in PPE at Oxford !!!!!!!

But, finally, let us indulge Cameron's angst about Muslim women in UK - and ask what the future holds for them.  

What is the "right" and the "wrong'' of their future status ?

Is it this?

Or this?

"Showing off.  A woman crosses the road wearing a skimpy outfit on Birmingham's Broad Street." From Mirror Online 1 January 2016.

What about this one?   Hmmmm .... not good enough.  That burka doesn't fit into our culture.

Next .. please.

Maybe this is the ideal non-white, non-Christian British citizen.

From AsH's posting of  6 years ago.

Now that's our cuppa tea!!!!



Sunday, 24 January 2016

TrumpCam - The Anglo-American Fetish - Act I

I've been hibernating, keeping away from the goings-on in my kampung - and the spouse's kampung too.  I've figured I'll just have to sit back and observe in despair - as the Lunchais  and the whippersnappers get on with their circus and shenanigans.  Certainly, this is not a time fit for a Septuagenarian,.. a Senior Citizen..... an Old Fogey, a Diddy, a Warga Mas, a Geriatric .... a Superannuated codger and crone.

So, ......

But even geezers like Ash  have to sit up and glower at the mouthings of present (Cameron) and future (Trump) leaders of the Free World.  More and more I observe an outbreak of these modern ailments - "constipation"  of the brain and "diarrhoea" of the mouth.

There's firstly Donald Trump, the Prime Contender for the throne of the Presidency in the US of A.

Repeating his wild suggestion for eliminating terrorism in his country would just be more publicity for his bigotry.  Perhaps a look at what he's made of would be more illuminating, to understand why the world has become what it is - especially in the geo-politics of the Middle East.

When Whites and Christians and non-Muslims express their racism, extremism and bigotry they are regarded as merely offensive and crazy.  Most devious of all:  their views and practices are just an aberration, a little blip on a spotless and civilized culture.

For instance, in the case of The Holocaust, we have the Holocaust deniers - but there are also the mollifiers, who deem the Holocaust as deviant and unrepresentative of European-Christian culture.  I reckon it is far easier for them to demonise and pulverize Muslims because the latter have no political and financial clout.  And best of all for the West - Muslims are hopelessly divided, they are their own worst enemies.  ( PS just like my bangsa Melayu)

DONALD TRUMP  - and his true colours.

Firstly, take the big news about Trump here in Britain:

.......  and here are the reasons why.

1.  According to the powers-that-be in the British Parliament  .....



Secondly, why should anyone condemn a man with such a fervent and relevant religious faith?  After all, we have his own word for this:

Not only that ......

This can be seen in the company he keeps.......

Thirdly, Donald Trump is no maverick outsider:

 There have been outbursts of dismay and anger in the United States about Trump's display of bigotry.  Concerned Americans and other Americaphiles have been very vocal in denouncing him, saying that his "incivility, his racism, his phobia about everything .... is un-American".  They claim Trump does not  not represent  "American values".

As for the meaning of "American values", it all depends on how susceptible you are to a belief in myths, and on the severity of your myopia  (or the  'inability to see distant objects clearly').

But do read the above article from Counterpunch - which should help to remove the scales from one's eyes. 

Here's an extract: 

Fourthly, Trump's opinion and bigotry are not new or outrageous.  They are also practised  by
their closest ally, Israel.

Finally, why should Muslims and non-Muslims be surprised?

But that is America.   What about here in my spouse's kampung?   Well, some would say it's not much better.   Take the Great British Prime Minister David Cameron ......

Here's an appetiser by Steve Bell, one of the best satirist-cartoonists from The Guardian 18 January 2016

TrumpCam - An Anglo - American Fetish

See you later in February.