Sunday, 7 April 2013

Where Angels fear to tread

Just an hour ago I received this comment on my 12 March posting of SIGHTING.

As I will be taking a long-haul journey to Kuala Lumpur in 29 hours time,  I will not be able to write the riposte that it deserves.  So I hope Anonymous will be patient until I get back home -  as I am always careful about not putting my foot where my mouth is.

 I'm at a disadvantage here as I am not informed about the cultural identity of Mr/Ms Anonymous.  But I shall try my best  -  never intellectual, but always honest.

Watch this space.


Pasquale said...

I suspect the anonymous who sent you the comment is from the Singapore Intelligence community using its usual reverse psychology tactic to stump your thought on racial inequality in Singapore. We do know Malays in S'pore are healthy and well, but so are animals in the S'pore Zoo, eh!

Anonymous said...

aiya ...auntie, you must always praise the highty and mighty little red dot. These narcissistic bananas take criticism very personally.Funny thing is she is speaking for and thinks she represents the Malays/Muslims there. Hehe... kiasu culture mah.

Aiyo Anon, whats this thing about the UK promoting the Bahasa??? Is there an island there with a considerable population that speaks Bahasa?? Apples and oranges baby..and your fuzzy logic.

Uncle ZT said...

Dear Auntie AsH,
I can't wait for your riposte. Honest? Of course, you are, always.. Intellectual? Definitely.

Anonymous said...

I like ash. Safe flight to you both.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Pasquale, Anon 10 April, Uncle ZT, Anon 11 April.

Thank you All. I know who to contact when I want to set up The Magnificent Seven.

I'm just getting over the jet lag and hope to resume normal service soon with a gotcha!