Monday, 20 April 2009

For Emir (CsH) - A lullabye so we can all have some peace

Daddy Faiz trying to keep Emir occupied

Well Emir, I hope one day when tok ngah and tok iain are gone you will look at this posting , read this poem and learn what we are here for. I have 'borrowed' "Anakku Sayang" by Dharmawijaya for Hidayah's and Faiz's son and Maznah's and Harun's grand-son.
lahirlah lahir, anakku sorang, luhurlah mengalir, darah pejuang.
timanglah timang, anakku sayang, besarmu jangan, berbudi telanjang.
dengarlah dengar, anakku sayang, sumpah nanar, usah ditatang.
cekallah cekal, hatimu sayang, usah disesal, derita mendatang.
setialah setia, citamu sayang, melerai sengketa, di keadilan timbang.
relalah rela, kudrat mu sayang, mententeram dunia, bergolak bimbang.
Our generation have not really left you with a harmonious legacy for your country and your fellow beings. Hopefully yours will do a better job. So keep on climbing the doors, windows, tables and chairs. Enjoy playing with your DIY toys like your tok wan's kwali and saucepan lids. Keep your parents awake especially on their weekends when they so need their rest. And be happy and loving - 2 ingredients needed for any child to grow up into a caring human being.


Mummy Emir said...

Thanx for the posting Makngah... that photo reminded me of Emir back when he was "able" to sit still...!!

Btw, my lil' rascal is now at Ampang Putri- its his 5th day there- Demam, batuk, Flu- the whole package..

I bet you're thinking "kesian Emir..lying in bed looking sick & all..." nope... not a chance... he'd be running up & down the corridor, terrorising the cute nurses every chance he gets!!! Afterwhich, he'd leave a trail of vomit along the corridor...!! haha

Pandai memilih pulak tu, makngah... If a male nurse attend to him, he'd resist & cry... but if its one of those female nurses... SENYAP... siap talk to them ... pegang2 muka the nurses lagi tu!!!
Oh well, thats my Emir...

pickled herring said...

Mummy Emir, you have better warn those pretty nurses that little Emir likes to bite and you know where.

Hope he gets well soon.