Wednesday, 4 December 2019

I cannot turn into a sweet little, old Malay lady.

Tomorrow I return to my spouse's kampung after spending nearly seven months in my kampung.  Our abode is in the Midlands, in Leicester where our very dear friends live though some have died.

He's a very lucky Scotsman, my spouse.   The land of his forefathers is still there,  intact and safe though that security did not come easy.

This line marks the pride of the Scottish: I have withstood the shock of England, of Denmark, of Rome and the world.

I so wish my Tanah Air  could have reclaimed her dignity and pride after the shock of  Portugal, of Holland, of Britain and the rest of the world claiming stakes and the resources of my Tanah Pusaka.

But this we have in common.  The people of Scotland can sing with pride :
The eyes of my sons , their bright swords are glancing.
Triumphantly riding through  ruin and death.

Our Police Force and our Armed Forces have done the same, like Lieutenant Adnan from the Malay Regiment who  sacrificed his life and that of his brave comrades in holding back the Japanese in Singapore in February 1942.

But the Scots were proud of their sons and celebrated and remembered their sacrifice :  Bold hearts and nodding plumes wave over their bloody tombs.
  Malaysia was also proud of our sons, who gave up their lives during the Communist Insurgency so that the future generation could live in peace and prosperity.  The nation remembers them each year , remembering those who did not come home :

Alas the Malaysian Rakyat of today, led chiefly by the 22.6 % cohort (see AsH's posting on 27 October 2019) of Malaysia's Anak and Bangsa Malaysia have decided to spit on their tombstones instead; when the ashes of  the "Great Leader" of the Communist Insurrection were brought back surreptitiously into Malaysia in defiance of the law and the heartbeat of the Nation.  While the Scots can sing with pride Scotland the Brave,   these Malaysians who come from all levels of society, including our Leadership should hang their heads in shame.  What cowards and ingrates!;postID= ;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postn

In 1967, when I graduated from Singapore University,  my Abah advised me to  "balek" to Malaya to his and my Tanah Pusaka.  But I did not heed his counsel.  Finally, forty seven years later I realised where I really belonged.

But since 2009 when I finally received my Kad Pengenalan  (after 5 years of waiting)  almost everything that my Abah and I held dear in our Tanah Pusaka have been battered and torn by the shameful politicking and misguided  and self-serving politicisation of race and rights.

"Every nation gets the government it deserves" (Joseph de Maistre).

However the inhabitants and government of Malaysia do not deserve this generous and bountiful Tanah Pusaka .

Who will find the parang kontot and slay the burong hantu, shaitan and hantu jembalang?

In his inimitable way, P. Ramlee has brilliantly described the fate of this country.

Celaka punya penyamun, Sial!
Bikin rosak ana punya programme.

Buah amra masak bergetah,
Baharu na'mengkal gugor sendiri.
"Di pechah2 lalu perentah"
Itu - lah 'akal pena'alok negeri.        (From Kalong Bunga, Buku 1 oleh Za'ba)


Anonymous said...

It is a very sad state of affairs. Our politicians are seriously a bunch of self serving selfish goons, the current Ministers sorry to say no calibre and bungling idiots. Hahahah so sorry here venting my frustration! With the ashes of the criminal/killer being brought back is really disrespecting our fallen heroes and a big tight slap to the Askars, police in short those who fought to keep us save while we slept. Yes this old lady pun cannot be sweet anymore, hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"Celaka punya perompak, Sial!
Bikin rosak ana punya programme."

Indeed regrettable, but no worries:

The tip of Perompak Iceberg is in court, trying to persuade Tanah Pusakarians that having a credit card bill of 1.4 million plus 21 luxury cars is perfectly normal.

It's better than the Arabian fairy tale the other one is trying to pull.

"Celaka punya perompak, Sial!"

semenyih said...

Assalam ASH, hope you and Iain had a good flight and are enjoying being back in Leicester again.
Its just one thing after another with the Malaysia Baru rule... its getting to be like the era of Trump! We get up in the morning and wonder what crazy news will be dished out on that day. And I thought listening to that daily "get ready for Brexit' advert on TV was bad enough!
I am concerned for our younger generation who unfortunately are pretty oblivious to whatever is happening around long as they satisfy their own personal agenda, the country can go to the dogs.
The squabble in that PKR meeting is an example. Berkelahi sesama sendiri dlm parti yg sama. And they expect to govern Malaysia? Mungkin lama mungkin hanyut hala tujuan Malaysia ini. Its amazing how within 1.5 yrs, Malaysia to going 10 steps back with not a clue how to move forward.
Anyway, have a restful 'sojourn' in Leicester....dont forget to vote on the 12th :).

Anonymous said...

Hi, the UK elections recently concluded with a forecasted Tory win.

How will that impact your life in the UK?

As for Malaysia Baru, how has life in Malaysia changed for you?

I am interested to hear your opinion since you have one foot in two different countries like me.

Kak Teh said...

Kak, zaharah here. How long will you be here and is there a chance to meet up? We will come to see you.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Zaharah, What a lovely surprise. We hope to be here for another month or so. It would be great to see you and AG here in Leicester. London, for the both of us, is not our favourite place!

Pass on your phone number please. (I shall delete it as soon as I've recorded it into my little black book).

Kak Teh said...

I found your email, and I have emailed you. Hope you got it.

Politischeiss said...

The way I see it, Pakatan's win in GE14 closed one Pandora's Box and opened another and contrary to Pakatan's claims that it would bring about a fairer, more equitable and more harmonious Malaysia, instead inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions have worsened under Pakatan - and I say that as someone who had hoped for a better Malaysia under Pakatan but now, various groups with conflicting agendas are speaking and acting in ways which are driving different ethnicities and religious groups further apart.

Besides that are worsening economic issues which impact upon us all.

In the run up to GE14, Pakatan politicians and supporters were blaming all the economic ills such as high cost of living, high prices and so forth on the RM42 billion in 1MDB government guarantees but I find it hard to see how RM42 billion, large as it may be, can cause Malaysia to have RM1 trillion in total of federal government debt, government guarantees and lease commitments to private-public partnerships. This is like saying that the tail is wagging the dog, which never happens in reality.

Since GE14, federal government debt has increased from RM686 bullion to under RM800 billion and nobody has explained why federal government debt rose from around RM100 billion in the early 1990s, including when Anwar Ibrahim was Finance Minister an dthen began to steadily baloon after Anwar was sacked, throughout the remainder of Mahathir's first period as PM, then throughout the prime ministership of Abdullah Badawi and then throughout the prime ministership of Najib and continues under the second prime ministership of Tun Dr. M.

It looks like come GE15, Malaysians will be faced with a choice between the lesser lousy of two lousy bunches.

Anonymous said...

Leicester??!! Oh dear! Little India! Ought to do better! Cannae avoid Keith Vaz, eh? Blimey! Scotland the Brave and all that, awful when done with bagpipes - or are those blowpipes, Jimmy?

anak si-hamid said...

To Anonymous 12 January 2020 at 0834


Anonymous said...

Translation: Leicester is a bloody awful place. Regardless of the fact its subcontinentals outnumber everyone else, not to be politically correct... It is a hovel some entity like Trump would call a "sh*th*le", You just can't be overly pretentious about such a place - even if your audience is some wide-between-the-ears rural types. Those in Malaysia, not in provincial Blighty, the denizens of which our "enlightened" ("English-educated") slavishly aspire to imitate. You can't imitate anyone in blooming Leicester, you only end up an imitation of a subcontinental type. Few would want that, sorry. Keith Vaz is the most famous manifestation of a grotesquely corrupt and utterly bent political product of Leicester. Apart from the fat brown piece of garbage, no one in the right mind would be the least interested in Leicester. "Blimey" is London dialect for "Blimey". These days London's yoof would prefer to say "Fc*k me!" That might offend those dear old ladies outside London - and those with a glazed-eyed vision of "This green and pleasant land...",and maybe some foreign types, those damn natives who think like dem white folks of Mother England.
"Scotland the Brave" may be "rather stirring" to those brown and off-white natives whom the Brits massahs convert into cannon fodder to pad its army, but to those who rule Scotland, the song especially when done with those airbags (No, not politicians, I mean bagpipes) is excruciating to the ears of those whose ears are tuned to refined sound. "Cannae" is is how the Scots pronounce "cannot". You cannot hear worse English than from a Scots (Mind you, the Paddies are just as awful!) "Jimmy" is what the Scottish call their Johnny. Hope this helps.
And hope this helps our Ahmads, Alis, and Ah Bengs,if you publish my blessed bit of education.
Nothing can help the Scots - can't even get a referendum going to escape the clutch of Whitehall!
Plenty to learn from the Oirish, at least the IRA is good value for money. Old Gerry Adams said he learned from the Malay an freedom fighter. I think he meant Chin Peng... Bless his Paddy soul..!

anak si-hamid said...

To Anon 23 January

Oh dear. Have you forgotten to take your pill, again??