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Atap Genting, Atap Rumbia.

Since I cancelled my last posting I found myself with a problem.  How am I going to deal with the barrage of self-righteous accusations and arrogant posturings about UMNO  ( a useful ploy to denigrate the bumiputera) by Malays and non-Malays both here and abroad.

I have been exploring Mr Lim Kit Siang's  (the DAP's Chairman Mentor) blog and I must take off my hat to him  for the way he has cleverly selected articles from many sources, but mainly from the Malaysian Insider, to feed his political agenda.   He's truly a sifu in the art of data collection and some people in Barisan should take a tip or two from the LKS team. 

There is of course the Malaysian Insider's (MI) Clara Chooi taking a piggy back ride on the Economist.  See

Then there's the article by Penang-based Aliran waxing lyrical about Dr Bakri Musa and his book "Liberating   the Malays".

On 24 May LKS  revived John Pang's 4 May 'holier-than-thou'  article in the New York Times, (meant for the American market, both the locals and the Made-in-Malaysia groupies).  See  

On 9 May, LKS cast his eyes over an article by Dr Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (assistant professor of Malay Studies at National University of Singapore) taken from the MI (where else?)  Read .

The Professor from Singapore did say something nice about Malays in Malaysia, that "they have and will continually move along the path of moderation, shunning the extremist and communalistic tendencies ......"
He went on: "The new breed of Malays have their eyes now set on cosmopolitan leaders (???),  regardless of which party they are from, leaders whose forebears have had Malay interests in mind and, above and beyond that, the interests of all Malaysians at heart".

What about the 'new breed' of Chinese and Indians, Prof??? 

On 21 May LKS featured an article byYang Razali Kassim (senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University) entitled  : "The de- racialisation of Barisan National" in of course the Malaysian Insider. He had this to say,  "While BN was relieved to have been returned to power, the results were a body blow that sent it into deep introspection.  A significant upshot has been a proposal to transform itself from the current model of a coalition of communal parties into a single, merged multi-racial party".

Aaaah - a resurrection of the PAP's (when Singapore was  part of Malaysia) and DAP's clarion call of 'Malaysian Malaysia'?

Well, if  the Malay Peninsula  had over 75 % Malay majority and the economy was in their hands right from the beginning without hindrance or competition from abroad and were tolerated and encouraged by the colonialist powers to lubricate the wheels of the Empire  ( like down south - just change the race and the country) then we could all be a happy-clappy multi-racial Malaysia!  And should the dominant proportion of Malays begin to dwindle, just import a million or more Malays from the Malay Archipelago.  But make sure they're healthy, young and well-educated.

                                           *                *              *                *

In 1954, my mother packed me off to stay with her best friend at a kampung in Bukit Panjang, Singapore over the December school holidays.  On the 25th of December I said to Macik Ayik, "Macik Ayik, hari 'ni hari Krismas".  She looked quizzically at me and asked, " Krismas 'tu apa, 'nak?

I thought of this when I read Aliran gushing over Dr M. Bakri Musa's book  "Liberating the Malay mind".
Here's a quote.

Malays have been addicted to the comfort of life underneath the coconut shell for far too long.  Now with the shell breached  by globalisation and the digital  waves, it is dawning upon us that our  'comfort' is anything but.  There is a far greater, more open, and definitely more wondrous universe out there that we have been missing.

I guess I must be missing out a lot on this 'wondrous universe' thingy.  And so would Aisha, our road sweeper who comes from a kampung near Kampar, Perak.

If I mention globalisasi and gelombang ombak digital as a catalyst for  'improving' the Malays, she would look at me quizzically and ask,   " Digital dan globalisasi tu apa, kak?"

Aisha is about 55.  Her father died when she was quite young and her widowed mother worked as a rubber tapper and 'tangguk udang di-sungai' to sell at one ringgit a tin ( a cigarette tin size) to feed the family.  At 15, Aisha went to work as a farm labourer at a Chinese farm in Cameron Highlands.  She was allowed to go home once a month.

She became an 'urban Malay' when she married Osman and moved to Kuala Lumpur.  They both got jobs as road sweepers in the Setiawangsa area and were employed by Osman's aunt who was given the Job Contract because of those 'nasty' affirmative-action policies for bumiputeras.  Such policies of course are the bane in the lives of LKS and his acolytes and according to some urban middle class Malays, in agreement with their Chinese/Indian counterparts, should be dispensed with.  After all, we should all be equal in Malaysia and have the same rights notwithstanding.

Aisha and Osman having lunch  al fresco by the roadside.  Note the cat behind Osman.  They also feed the stray cats in this area.

Osman and Aisha decided not to bring up their son and daughter in KL because they were aware of the problem of drugs among Malay teenagers.  They feared the consumerist temptations of urban life which they cannot afford, unlike those of the urban middle class, who deplore the electoral weightage given to people like Osman and Aisha.   It should, of course, be one man, one vote.  All Malaysians are equal!

Their daughter died 3 years ago, aged 16, just after her SPM.  The kampung clinic was not equipped to diagnose what was actually a cancer.  Their son completed his SPM 2 years ago, but jobs were scarce where he was.  Getting further education involved too many logistical problems  ( his mum can't ferry him  about in the family SUV like the middle class urbanites) and he was not brilliant enough to get 10  'A' s  ( his mum and dad could not afford to give him tuition you see, - unlike the middle class urbanites, and the "one man, one vote" mob? ).. He now works for a Chinese taukeh transporting oil palm fruits from the estates.  He has been promoted - from coolie to lorry driver - even though he has no driving licence.

They are both diabetics and they are grateful to the (Barisan) Government for they pay only 2 ringgit  for their regular medication at the Government clinic.  This was part of the reason why they voted BN.   It was certainly not because they were swayed by racist propaganda emanating from UMNO.  Osman is bright, he is concerned  (like the middle class urbanites)  about the malfeasance of the BN Government, about Malay malingerers who 'tak sedar diri '.  Yet he sees Indonesians working so very hard in Malaysia and wishing they could have what Malaysians have, back home in Indonesia.  

Osman and Aisha have their grumbles but theirs are a world away from middle class urbanites' complaints.  Middle class urbanites complain about heavy construction work too close to their gated communities.  They're almost neurotic about crime.  They rant and go to the law sometimes to stop the construction of low-cost flats in their vicinity - but they do get their rubbish removed 3 times a week  (it's only once a week in Leicester and Osman and Aisha  have to dispose their own rubbish in the kampung).

Osman and Aisha on the other hand are waiting for a macadamised road in their kampung.  In this hot season, the dusty road adds to their discomfort  on their way home. Public transport from the village to the nearest town is abysmal.  Would the one man, one vote system solve their problems?

As a matter of interest, these two recipients of the rural weightage system, especially Aisha the magpie, managed to pick up all sorts of goodies discarded by the middle class urbanites - stuff like rucksacks, lamps, sliding glass windows, crockery, potted plants, ladies' and men's shoes  (elok-elok lagi kak, says Aisha), jackets and windcheaters meant for cold climes, and even 3 bicycles!  They collected so many discards from the townies they had to be stored in our porch.  I was relieved when their nephew brought a lorry to send them back to the kampung.

It is people like Osman and Aisha that 'rural weightage' should be all about.  Yet the call goes on from the liberal, political pundits and middle class urbanites, to end  the 'disgraceful gerrymandering' which only serves the "Malay heartland' and perpetuates 'Malay supremacy'.  So the middle class urbanites felt disadvantaged, and demanded that this injustice should be abolished for the sake of a clean and fair election - because we are all equal, like Osman's family in the kampung and the well-heeled (social activist) professional  and his BMW 7 Series in Taman Kiara.

One man, one vote - very democratic.  Rural weightage - how very racist!

                              *           *               *               *                  *

We've been hearing a lot about how disgraceful it is, that BN  could win 60% of  seats when they have won only 47% of the votes.  

I think this is more disgraceful!!

SOURCE :  Economic Planning Unit

TABLE 1 - Mean monthly gross household income by ethnicity, Malaysia 2009

MALAYSIA                                                   4,025
     Bumiputera                                                 3,624
     Chinese                                                      5,011
     Indians                                                       3,999
     Others                                                        3640
URBAN                                                         4,705
RURAL                                                         2,545

Look at these figures, and read what The Economist has to say:

    "..... if UMNO is to have a future in a prospering Malaysia it needs young urban voters, not poor    rural ones".  

"For their part DAP leaders argue that the result was not so much the consequences of a Chinese tsunami as an urban one. The heartland of the party is in urban and semi-urban seats, where it increased its share of the Malay as well as the Chinese vote."

                          *                         *                          *                           *


TABLE 2 - Mean Monthly Gross Income by State 2007

STATE                                                 RM

Johore                                                   3,457
Kedah                                                   2,408
Kelantan                                                2,143     *
Melaka                                                  3,421
Negri Sembilan                                      3,326
Pahang                                                  2,995
Perak                                                    2,545.
Perlis                                                     2,541.
Pulau Pinang                                          4,004      *
Sabah                                                    2,866
Sarawak                                                3,349
Selangor                                                5,580      *
Terengganu                                            2,463
Wilayah                                                 5,322


TABLE  3     Mean Monthly Gross Household Income for the Top 20% of households by ethnicity 2007


Bumiputera                          7,666                                               
Chinese                             11,878
Indians                                 9,119
Others                                10,830
     MALAYSIA                   9,173


TABLE  4    Mean Monthly Gross Household Income for the Bottom 40% of households by ethnicity 2007


Bumiputera                         1,194
Chinese                              1,805
Indians                               1,545
Others                                1,025
    MALAYSIA                  1,345 





Over the past 50 years, it could be argued, the greatest beneficiaries of  BN Government policy have been the middle class urbanites and the captains of Commerce and Industry , who are mainly located in Pakatan territory.

The need now, is to swing development more in favour of the Osmans and Aishas in the kampungs and their cousins in Sabah and Sarawak.

It is time that  BN  (especially UMNO)  clean up their act and seriously undertake to serve those in greatest need and not those in greatest want!

As for the successful Malays, their responsibility to those in need goes beyond paying zakat and fitrah and visiting and bringing parcels of food to the destitute during Ramadan and Hari Raya.

And all anak anak Melayu worth their salt (or belacan) should get off their backs and read and write to rebut, expose and counter the half-truths, the crooked thinking and the insidious mockery of their tong pao (of the same womb), that is, their keturunan  and not their ketuanan.  And do this in the English language.  No more ceramahs and seminars - just get cracking.     


Anonymous said...

This is the very reason why the popular vote system is not used in any part of the world, for general elections.

I like to put up an analogy. If I own a piece of land of say 10 acres and my family of five lives on this piece of land. On the other hand my neighbour has a piece of land of 5 acres but they have 30 relatives living on it. Even if they outnumber the people living on my land, I should have the right of first say or even an absolute right to how my piece of land should be administered, not my neighbour.

And so it is with constituencies. This variation of proportional voting system gives a chance for those constituencies to have a representative that can represent their interests. Otherwise a body of voters in the majority can dictate terms to less populated areas but not necessarily in their interests. At least this is the theory. This is not unrelated to the concept of protecting minority interests which is also provided in company laws. After all constituencies are "administered" by the people living in them and not by others living elsewhere. A group of contituencies represents a state, at least in our country. Do others see where this is going? Detractors are of course quick to cash in on the so called popular vote because this is simple to understand by youths or the slow witted but the popular vote system has never been used in any other country in the world. A simple retort to these detractors is: why is that?

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anonymous 1.09pm

Wow! you really took the words out of my mouth.

You should be somewhere, where you can knock a lot of sense into half-baked dimwits but maybe you already are - thank goodness!

Unknown said...

Interesting reading and strong statical support! You just proved to us Urban Malays that the `Fosed Deposits' of UMNO in the Malay heartland exists because the wants and demands by them are just that - too simplistic! And because maybe majorit are like Aishah and Othman, they would gratefully vote UMNO for teh RM2 what more RM 500!
So my Dad was innovative and visionary!
If he hadn't decided to leave his weeping Mak to earn a living outside Pekan, Pahang together with my Mum and his two young children (after a infant's death, I would probabbly have ended up married early, like my cousins (back in the kampung)with many children! But luckily we may be of different mettle!Instead of Malay school we were sent to English medium schools all 17 miles away from hoem! As the family grew we move to to begger towns!
We came to KL in 1970! From mere Ugama teachers, my parents dabbled in Business! I must admit we, the children were beneficiaries of the UMNO partonage! But my parents were of the older mind set!
I left UMNO 2 days before Anwar was sacked! Today I am a PAS member because my parents would not have condone the going-ons in today's UMNO! And MUsa Hitam was right, at times Malays must be `kurang ajar!'
I am not about to let any Malay `makan and tipu' other rural and uraban Malays to fatten their tummies and bank-roll their families and cronies!
If the Aisha and Othman are still waiting for a tarred road, they have only their lack of Education (the Malaysian sucks) to blame!
We studied in English then in early 50s so the next step after HSC (in English) is the U! How many Malays get to the U then without Help from the Government?
Today everything is in Malay, yet still Many Malays enter local Us but graduated with no jobs for them! How long is the list of JOBless Malay students! Many have strong qualifications but employers balk at employing them! Ask Muyiddin why?
And when you don't have only SPM but U degrees yet you cannoy get a job, MM used to blame them for being picky! 4 years to 6 years in the U and hard to find a job? My niece is a tescher in English though she graduated UTM Skudai, with IT?
So if in GE13, the youth has have enough and Adam Adli and Anang Safwan as well as KS Bawani `is greedy and Ungrateful' let them because it cannot be just the sons of Mahathir who can be tycoons and MBs!
In a nutshell, as a former UMNO, I have no respect of compassion for AUMNO Baru because they have blatantly and mrcilessly crushed the NEP objectives and majority non Musa AlBakri intelectuals concerned and enlightened (eyes wide open) Malays trust!
For Musa AlBakri information there ae no `coconut shells' Malays but the burden and pressures of living in rural Sarawak and Sabah and still a big chunk of Malay did not give them much time as their Urban counterparts to fill stadiums and streets with Demos!
Give them Siti Norhaliza Concerts of Malaysian Ball leagues they will make time!
See the disparity?
So hopefully many more Malays will come out and give us Solutions to uplift their simple minds and get to the Urban awareness that they have been Mahathired, Rosmaed and Daimed..
That's why they don't have tarred road yet, their boats sink going up the Rejang and Malays are driving lorry-loads of Chinese oilpalms Growers!Kesiannya orang Melayu Muzammil!
Dare I dream of a NO more UMNO!Its Not Anwar or DAP that is at fault but gullible Malays themselves!

Anonymous said...

think you should read this

Anonymous said...

to borrow the words of urban melayu " gua tabik spring" . i m a regular reader, hardly comment. please continue writing.God bless.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you for all the comments.

I'm in Singapore right now for a few days and I hope to say more once I'm back home.

Hak Melayu di Tanah Melayu said...

Your blog has done a lot towards awakening the native Malays on their incredibly unhealthy situation in their own country.
We cannot blame the English Christians. They were just makan gaji from the Queen.

Tunku had paved the way by asking the Queen not to interfere anymore in the Federated Malay States.

Inequality statistics that you exposed above should drive malays mad with anger but their anger was deflected by corrupt malay leaders.

For the past 60 years, the natives malays have been mislead by successive United Malay National Organisation leaders that the Federation economy is God made that the Malays must be satisfied with 30% of the pie. Indeed the Malays were told they were lucky if they can make it to 30% and this is after 58 years after driving out the British invaders.

The economic plan was for the whole country with the advancement of the natives Malays as main thrust.

The fact is that the native Malays owned the land. All lands in the Federation was either owned by the Rulers or malays prior to 1957.
Chinese are not allowed to own land because they were citizens of China then.

Along the way corrupted people gain power in Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu.
They choose the easy way out by taking money from the Chinese and enriched themselves even though jobless.

This is the critical and crux of the matter. Until you recognize this you will berbuih mulut going round in circle. What does economic justice means? What does social justice mean? IT means sharing equally. What does a good GNI indicate? Narrow gap in wealth.
What does narrow gap in wealth means? Sharing equally…

Can you narrow the wealth gap when your fundamental calculation is based on 30% for 70% of the native Malays and bumis? Do you realize how incredibly stupid that is. What it means is that even when the native Malays and bumis have 30% they will be poor because they have to share with 70% of the population! While the Chinese and Indians share 70% among 30% of them!!

1. Trust fund like PNB must increase their dividend yield to 16%
2. Shares in PNB must be shared as equally as possible. Previously minimum shares were allocated free and the yearly dividend would pay for it.
3. Moratorium on destruction of rainforests. Only PNB can own new forests.
4. Bauxite, gold now owned by Chinese migrants in Pahang must be shared by Malays and bumis.
5. Large trading bodies run by experts import cheap items from china not mydin as umbrella for malay IT, steel, commodities companies.
6. Large trading bodies import kilang means of production for Malays companies.
7. Sugar, cement, bricks must be owned by PNB and EPF only not individuals so that PNB and EPF yield can be higher
8. 11 Malaysia Plan must clearly allocate 30% of budget for Chinese and Indians to be fair to them.
9. Division of budget must clearly indicate that. Your concern on our current situation while note worthy but as you say nobody knows. But the 11 Malaysia Plan is the future and we can know clearly how much will go the Chinese and Indians.