Friday, 4 June 2021


 This morning, the spouse read my posting and he said, "You know, I have a translation of Hikayat Abdullah in JMBRAS somewhere upstairs.  Would you like to have a look at it?"  My eyes lit up; which meant, "Yes, please!!"

Of course, the said book would be tucked away somewhere within his jungle of books and it was not until after lunch-time that he managed to locate it. Bless his cotton socks!

The Book

The Contents Page

THE TRANSLATION BY A. H.  HILL,   M.A., B. Sc.    (Pages 161 - 163)

Page 161

Page 162a

Page 162 b

Page 162c

Page 163

For our readers who are bilingual,  you will find the translation does not quite fit Abdullah's original text.  The difference is not in the general gist but in the inclusion of bits of details.


Allahu A'alam     (Allah Knows Best)

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Anonymous said...

We need to preserve out-of-print publications and perhaps there can be some efforts to help scan and digitize these materials for posterity.