Saturday, 6 February 2021

Sauce for the Goose and Sauce for the Gander - Kong Hee Fatt Choy

 The Gander snarls  .....

Mr Lim's displeasure.

The Goose reminisces .....

But "the goose is cooked".  (It's an idiom meaning "the good times are over".)  Thanks to Covid 19.

One of the the caretakers in the Kitchen explains.....

Ash reckons .....

If only Hari Raya had been on February 12, 2021,  we could have had our celebration at the Pasar Malam or the Car Wash or at the Barbershop too!  Furthermore, there would be an improvement in hairstyle for all Malaysians!  And, this time, the B40s, the employees and their Taukehs would have been able to earn and bring home a bit more 'lui'  (money in Hokkien) for the family to celebrate an auspicious occasion.

Besides (and before Covid 19), Malaysians in Malaysian Malaysia have already been afflicted by another Virus, this time from the West - a virulent global bug known as Victimitis and MeTooitis.  It has developed most especially among the comfortable (and more 'civilised') urban denizens.  It is an offshoot of the Human Rights Crusade.  Unlike the invisible virus of Covid 19, this one is very, very conspicuous and in-your-face.

Everybody and anybody can put on the mantle of Victimhood.  But nobody wants to talk about their blessings or their responsibilities - only their self-entitlement.

Finally, as an anak jati Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, I hold my head in my hands and I fall back in despair of my heritage.

                                       I am standing with one foot in the grave.

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