Saturday, 24 October 2020

Tunnel at the end of the Light

That Tunnel is where we are heading now.  

Thanks to China for endowing us and the rest of the globe with such innovations like papermaking, printing, the compass, gunpowder and the piece de resistance -  Covid 19!

Also, many thanks to the antics of this Made in Malaysia Geriatric Gang for "saving" this country.

These are just the Top Four.  There are also the others in UMNO (and BN), DAP, Perikatan, PAS, Amanah and the whole caboodle in Parliament.  Yo! and we now have Muda (a young party)and Pejuang (re-heated leftovers)

With them, " Empat gasal, lima genap" (four is odd and five is even).

The signs were there when I wrote this in March 2016.

The greatest squalid stitchup Malaysia has ever seen.

Oh Happy Days.  A picture that must be kept in the family album and memoirs for all the great and good at that table.

As a member of the Geriatric Cluster  I recall those nostalgic hopes, of such Great Expectations like wanting to be economically independent.  That was the dream of my Abah's generation.

From my old primary school Malay textbook in the early 1950s.


And in a Chinese newspaper from the early 2020s we had what seemed to be a version of Wawasan 2020.  A vision of another Great Expectation.

From Sin Chiew.

With 2020, there was no sight or smell of the great promise of Vision 2020.  We had instead the trauma and drama of changing governments and shifting, shifty Prime Ministers and wannabe Prime Ministers.  All these were staged when Covid 19 struck Malaysia during the first wave, the second wave and now the third wave of the pandemic.

But we are very fortunate and blessed to have Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the MOH's Director General.  He is the epitome of a son of our Tanah Air. And we are thankful for having him even though there are others, so-called anak Malaysia who show such contempt for his contributions.  They are incapable of separating the wheat from the chaff, of recognising and respecting the DG who is NOT a politician.

To think this Pakatan Harapan politician got off lightly in Sri Rampai in 2019!

Still, -  "Cometh the hour, cometh the man".

Datuk DG is that light at the end of our tunnel.

As for geriatric AsH, this is my dream.

I dream of my father's and grandfather's preserve before their world was battered by adventurers  and 'cuckoos' and 'raptors'.


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