Tuesday, 10 September 2019

I'm over the moon!

The kindness of Mr Chan Peng Kin, also a former pupil of Mr Kempson Wong, enabled me to savour one of the most joyful experience from being a blogger.

When I wrote my post in 2012 remembering a great teacher, I never envisaged the slightest chance of Mr KW reading my article at all.  And when I spoke to him yesterday - he's now 85 - but still "hale n hearty" ( as Mr Chan put it),  it took me back to over 64 years ago when I was a scruffy 11 year-old, tagging behind him during House Practice.

Call it serindipity, fate, Kismet but who cares, it's a septuagenarian's dream come true.

Pasir Panjang English School (1955 or 1956).  All my special teachers are there, Mr Chia Wai Chee and Mrs Tan Choon Lan (seated).  Then there's Mr Chong Khim Siong and  Mr Kempson Wong (boxed in red) , standing.

We had a lovely chat, we shared a lot of laughter and happy memories.

A few weeks ago, sometime in mid-August I made what I reckoned to be my last trip to Singapore.  But I just have to go back again, for a day-trip to visit my dear ex-teacher Mr Kempson Wong and make my dream come true.

See you soon, Sir!!

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