Saturday, 7 March 2015

Gentle on my mind

By today I should have got over the jet lag.    By today I should be wandering to my favourite shopping mall .....

Leicester Animal Rescue

... and I should be writing this posting from my den.

The snowdrops would have come and gone.  Jack as usual would have crocuses and daffodils planted in our little back garden.

Jack at his best - mucky gloves and jumper and little seedlings in his arms.
Spring has sprung!!

If only .......................

Four days before our flight to Leicester  last week we were both hit by a nasty stomach flu.   First I came down.   After a few days, we still thought we could just make the journey.  But then the spouse got the brunt of it for another few days, and so the journey was put on hold. And as if to justify the change in our travel plans - dear, lovable, soppy ole Rusty ......

....... had to be 'hospitalised' - again - at the Vet - for the same colon problem.  We were advised that his diet had to be strictly monitored.  A free range cat he may be - but his ranging days are over.  He usually stays out at night - but no more karaoke for him.  He has to be bound to quarters .

Our two cat-sitters and house sitters, Osman and Aisha looked at Rusty's pad and they suggested that he would need padding for the resting shelves.  So off I went to buy two cushions and sewed  on straps to keep them secure on the shelves.  I put my foot down at carpeting when Osman mentioned a little luxury for that little, fat  black blob.

So, InsyaAllah we'll take off in a few days' time for Leicester - leaving behind scenes like this at our LRT Station .....
A scenic view from Setiawangsa LRT Station
.. and our car battered by motorbikes and a neighbour who has not  mastered the art of reversing a car.
"Sikit saja"

Brushes with the ubiquitious motorbikes in KL.  Loads more on the other side.
But ... especially for this Malay Peninsula ....

It's knowing that your door is always open
And your path is free to walk.
That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag
Rolled up and stashed behind your couch

And a big thank you to my nieces Maria and Hidayah for sorting out our tickets on the Internet and for arranging our departure for KLIA.  But like Uncle Iain said, " It's a small price to pay for getting rid of us."  Ha ha!!   See you all later .. InsyaAllah.

..... that you're waiting from the back roads by the rivers of my memory, ever smiling, ever gentle on my mind.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.


anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Puyi.

Good to see you 'again'.

Keep well.

Kak Chom said...

You have left already. So sad I did not get a chance to meet you. When is your next visit.

Kak Chom

anak si-hamid said...

My dear Kak Chom,

Thak you. Good to hear from you again. InsyaAllah we shall meet.

And, by the way, did you receive my e-mail to you on 23 Feb?

Take care and salam from the ole girl in Leicester.