Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pa'Ngah and Ma'Ngah balik.

We have been taking this journey (since the mid-1980s) to Heathrow from Singapore/Malaysia for at least 37 times and this time we had the most hair-raising landing.  The weather was bad enough as the plane started landing procedure and when Etihad touched the runway it began skidding madly like a car going out of control on a wet and slippery road or like driving on black ice.

But for the grace of God and a good pilot we got back safely.

So here I am writing a 'good morning' post accompanied by my constant companion - a big mug of coffee in my "Best 70 year old in the World" mug, says the Mug!

Whenever my sister Maznah and Abang Long came for a visit , we would hear this voice from the back seat, saying quite frequently, " Cantik-nya ; kuasa Allah."   This picture taken at 6.30 this morning - from where I'm doing this posting - is for you 'Nah, because I know how you love clouds.

Why this?  The cases I mean, not the shy macho male in the background doing the washing up.  We hate arriving at Terminal 4 because it means having to lug our luggage (by train) to Terminal 3 where we would then pick up the coach for the 3-hour journey to Leicester.  Old age and decrepitude forced us to ask for help from little Wania's father.

Wania in plaster, three months ago.

But he was otherwise occupied, on standby, waiting for Wania's mother to deliver Wania's little sibling.  So Mubashir came to the rescue.  He needed a photo of our luggage to see whether there was enough room in his 2-door car.   But all's well and Mubashir got us safely home.  Here were two young Pakistanis helping out a MOG (Malay ole git) and a British SOG (silly ole git).  What a wonderful world!!

But not really - for as long as such ideology continues to rain blood on Palestine and Gaza.

It's lovely to be back in our little haven here and I miss you all back home, especially our three moggies in Setiawangsa.  I think Comot was trying to make a point here, or she was just eyeing the ikan bilis in the bottle .


semenyih said...

This morning we welcomed home 20 fellow Malaysians who were killed on MH17.Seeing the coffins brought down from the plane one by one draped in the flag brought tears to many here in Malaysia n Malaysians abroad. Sadly, its only at times like these that we realise how fragile we are n we stand united as a nation. May MOG n SOG have many more safe flights between sunny Malaysia n downcast Heathrow.Make the best of each n every day for we will not pass it again.Have a peaceful weekend :).

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Semenyih,

Yesterday I went to our local Charity shop and this elderly lady helper spoke to us and said, "Isn't it terrible, this Islamic thing?" She was referring to Jihadi John and the execution of ONE American citizen.

I replied, "What about MH 17, all those innocent souls murdered by the Ukrainians?"

She looked nonplussed and I added, "You can't even be safe 30,000 feet up there, so can anyone be safe here on earth?"

You see, these westerners are very good at seeing themselves as victims - creating a sort of siege mentality - they love it, just like during the Blitz of the Second World War. Other people cannot suffer like they can.

When we got home from Heathrow I said to the spouse, " You know, when the plane was skidding madly at Heathrow runway, I knew what I would do if the crunch came. I would just turn and hug you tight and we'll go together."

He smiled and replied, "I was thinking exactly the same."

You have a lovely weekend too, Semenyih and may our nation keep the peace and unity.

Anonymous said...

'When we got home from Heathrow I said to the spouse, " You know, when the plane was skidding madly at Heathrow runway, I knew what I would do if the crunch came. I would just turn and hug you tight and we'll go together."

He smiled and replied, "I was thinking exactly the same."

Bless you both. You know,since they were kids, we have taught, trained and reminded Shah, Mariam and Hannah to always include two of you in their prayers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Young Lady Anak Si Hamid,

Am is one of your followers of your Blog.
I would like to seek your assistance if possible.. to email me a photo of Lee Kuan Yew.. wearing a songkok Melayu during campaigning to the Malay kampong in Singapore. I still remembered, It was appeared in one of your postings in your blog. However, when I checked again, it was deleted or was taken off from that posting.. It was a black and white photo of Lee Kuan Yew and his geng.. My name is Irwan Shah and my email address :


Thank you.

Warm Regards,


semenyih said...

The spouse and I flew back to KL from his 'kampung' yesterday. The flight back involved transits in Houston,Narita and Singapore, an almost 35-hr journey.On the plane,I remembered you writing about should the crunch came, you would hang on to your spouse.I believe I would do the same too even though there were times when I felt like wringing his neck :).I suppose love is like that!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Mus : for the comment and the blessings from you and the kids.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Irwan,

Thank you for the comment and am very happy to 'meet' my follower.

I cannot recall posting an image of LKY donning the songkok, but I have seen it floating on the internet.

If I can locate it I'll pass it on to you - but do be careful about what you do with it.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear semenyih,

35 hours!! Better you than me!

I like your connection between love and wringing the spouse's neck. What about kicking his shins and letting his dirty socks pile up in the laundry basket?

Taraa me duck.