Friday, 15 June 2012

Back again, like two bad pennies

The view from my window during our stay throughout most of April, May and June
Well, what a journey!  Firstly the flight from London to Abu Dhabi  for 1445 was delayed by half an hour .  When we finally got going to board  the plane we found ourselves in a  slow moving queue.  Passengers were directed through just one of the two entrances to get to their seats.  The other entrance was blocked by a collection of people, passengers and crew, huddling over some sort of problem.

  When we finally settled down in our seats awaiting departure, we were informed that a passenger had fallen ill and there would be a further delay.  That explained the blockage during boarding.  Flight EY 020 did not leave until 1615.

We were pleased when the Travel Agent informed us that transit at Abu Dhabi would be just two hours.  Because of the one and a half-hour delay leaving London,  we got to Abu Dhabi with just half an hour to spare.  A wheelchair awaited the spouse at Abu Dhabi, and it became a Formula 1 Wheelchair Race to the boarding gate for Kuala Lumpur.  It was at the other end  of the airport and I must have shed kilos of fat in catching up with the speeding wheelchair!

At KLIA, another 2-wheel limousine awaited the three- legged spouse.  He got through the fast lane for Immigration  and I had to wait only five minutes for  his clearance.

But it was worth it just to see Maria and Hidayah waiting for us.  The two girls took over - not only the luggage but also the geriatrics - ma'ngah and  Uncle Iain in his wheelchair.  Our nephew-in-law Nadzim was waiting  (with the little rascal Ilyas) in his People Carrier and we eventually drifted along KL's roads, like the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on the Jubilee Royal Barge sailing on the Thames just a few days ago.

Maznah and my brother-in-law Harun, were already at our house with pisang goreng and tea and asam pedas ikan merah, sambal goreng tahu/tempeh and ikan goreng for our dinner.  My brother popped in before he left for College.

Certainly our welcome home reception matched whatever the Queen received for her Jubilee celebration - with one difference.   There was no rain on our parade.

Tis good to be back - and to rummage through the contents of three suitcases!

Eight hours ago we made a call to Jack , our dear friend in Leicester and he said it's raining buckets - it's supposed to be flaming June.

It's four in the morning and I'm still a lert  (alert). HELP!!


Irene said...

When work and routine takes over and things planned (sending an email for example) do not seem to get done, procrastination sets in.

Dear Ms Hamid, was finally going to send you an email and saw this latest posting of yours. The song is one of my favorites and reminds me of some things almost forgotten.

Life is bittersweet...

For two bad pennies, you both certainly had a grand reception!

anak si-hamid said...

My dear Irene,

Thank you. You have always been the philosophical one.

We are all guilty of procrastination - it makes us more human somehow.

Glad you like this song - reminders of soothing bittersweet days.

Much love from the two bad pennies and hope to see you here or in Singapore.