Monday, 10 October 2011

Moaning Minnie Back Again

Last week on Thursday I went to Immigration at Damansara to extend Iain's Visa.  They were good enough to accept his absence (with the help of the letter from the Specialist).  But to be on the safe side I brought along the marriage certificate in case they queried our liaison.

The office for Visa Application and Extension is well and truly a waiting room.  You must be prepared to wait and keep awake because the air-con has given up the ghost. Also the escalator doesn't work and this room is on the top fourth floor.  One good sign: the counters for "Social Visit Pass' were fully manned.

After submitting the form, I waited an hour before I heard the call for my number (4034) to report to Counter 7.  I was informed  very nicely that the application could not be processed that very day, that "Keputusan akan diketahui selepas 3 hari bekerja".   Fair enough I thought, because this was the second visa extension from this office.  We don't normally have to do this because we always travel to Singapore to visit the Rainbow Kids .  But this time Iain was just not fit enough to travel that distance.

This morning I got to the office by 9.30.  As I was queuing for my number, this mother and son (no, they're not Malaysians, they look like Central Europeans) tried to potong my jalan.  I spoke to them very nicely (through gritted teeth) and said that this was a queue.  The son, aged about 17, replied in a somewhat bolshie manner that it was only for one question.

So, I capitulated.  As I suspected, it was more than a question.  And  HOORAY, the officer behind the counter told them to go to the end of the line.  YAH, BOO, SUCKS!!!! 

There was still no air-con, the escalator was just as kaput as on Thursday.  I waited again (only standing room), and after an hour my number (4044) was called.  At  Counter 8, the young officer went through a pile of papers  to search for the spouse's application. Nothing. He tried again.  Still nothing.

Why?  I asked.
 "It's still waiting for the Director's signature."
When can I get it, because I was advised to come here today? 
"You could wait here".
For how long?
"I don't know - maybe all afternoon."
But my husband has just had an operation and I cannot leave him on his own all day.
"Then maybe you can come here tomorrow."

So, tomorrow it has to be, to wait for the pen-pushers to get going.

As I left that packed, sweaty and noisy office I looked at the patient, weary faces of the men , women, mothers and fathers, restless and crying children , toddlers,  babies in buggies or in their mothers' arms waiting and waiting.  What am I fretting about? 

Got back home at 11.30.  I vented my frustration at the spouse - he could not get away hee hee!  I grumbled a text message to Din.  He was as usual - cool and comforting.

But .... I am now conversant with the many ways of getting to Immigration Damansara and to our abode by taxi. They range from MR17 to MR20.  Who knows what route tomorrow will bring?  And as for the spouse's visa,  please, please be there!

I shall not fret.  I shall not get frustrated.  I must not be upset.  I must not be defeated.  I will be philosophical.  I will smile at this confounding circumstances and .....


When I was working at CPI in Leicester, the youngsters would nudge me to listen to this song whenever it was played on Radio 1 because they think I am too serious when I'm at work.

Aaaahh .......  now that I feel a wee bit better after that lovely reminiscence,  here's a rib tickler.
At the Immigration Office I saw this notice.

Petition Writers and Touts tidak dibenarkan Masuk

Years ago  when we were in Tawau, I took a photograph of this notice stuck to the door of the 'Ketua Pos Tawau'.
And I posted it to the spouse with this message.

Right! That's the end of the entertainment.

Wish me good tidings for tomorrow.


ph said...


Nice numbers ! i shall contact the Canary.

anak si-hamid said...

ph, when will you give up on the numbers?

NB. Sabear is sabar in Peranakan Malay. We have been influenced by ph the maknyonya. Like gambar is gambear.

Itu ph boleh buat gua gila.

Anonymous said...

Kesian...buang masa menunggu.What"s the big deal about the director"s singnature. Rakyat d dahulukan atau direktor d dahulukan?


Wan Sharif said...

Welcome to Malaysia ;))

koolmokcikZ said...

Same thing happened to me at Office of Map in Kuantan almost a decade ago. First day I came in to submit all the required forms. I asked how long will the process take. Answer was 1 one week. I came in the next week [travelling from Gemencih N9 to Kuantan - roughly about 6 hours of driving], 'belum sign pengarah'. I asked where is the pengarah, answer 'pengarah cuti'. Milk would turn yogurt that day.

anak si-hamid said...

wawa thank you,

I often wonder if the Pengarah suffers from signing hundreds? thousands? of applications.

What about delegation of work?

anak si-hamid said...

Wan Sharif,

Malaysia is a very welcoming country. The problem lies with the bureaucrats.

I love your crisp comment.

anak si-hamid said...


So glad to find another victim of pen pushers that need to be shoved.

6 hours of driving - to get that stupid response. I must say I would have blown my top!

But Iain and I just love the description of your reaction 'milk turning into yoghurt". What a churning frustration. Thank you.