Tuesday 9 October 2012

The Postman for Lely

Lely with her favourite Uncle at her favourite abode, Pohutukawa Cottage

My Internet, which had been playing up for more than a week ever since TM Net supplied me with their Modem, completely gave up the ghost on late Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday and Monday.  It was only by Tuesday morning that I got the service I paid for.

I wanted to do this posting for Lely before she went for another MRI Scan and angiogram - which would determine the next step for her on-going post-stroke treatment to remove the remnant clot in the brain.  I know how searingly distressing it is for her when the 'wiring' for the angiogram moves up her body to end in the brain.

See -http://anaksihamid.blogspot.com/2012/01/for-love-of-lely.html

  I can only imagine what this bright and active young woman had to cope with - 9 months (so far) of living with only half of her mobility. I want to bring back the smile to her face; to rejuvenate her zest for life and the world around her.  So Lely, better late than never eh?

I want to remind her about her happiest two weeks in New Zealand and to reassure her that such days and times will come again.   Hang on girl, don't allow these past 9 months to weaken you and bring you down.

To whet your appetite, here are some delicious instances of yum-yum times.

A hot cuppa at the teashop at the top of Ruapehu.
So 'syiok' - waiting for lunch
Finally - for two lucky, greedy devils.
The usual compliment to the chef - ERRPP!
For that, of course Lely had to be thrown out of the house!

Take heart dear Lely, put on your sunshine hat and we shall take to the road again, soon, InsyaAllah.

Good night  maknyonya and dream of this night at Paekakariki.

And this is MY picture from MY camera - na na na na na!!

And remember you have a big job to do for Darby and Joan - to light up our fire to keep us going.


  1. Do not know whether Lely reads this ... Either way ... We miss you ... It is actually I miss you ... Really really do for there is no pretentions with you, a spade is a spade ... One day Lely, one day, insyaallah, we'll see each other again.


  2. Thank you Maria,

    Lely will appreciate this very much. I shall inform her about this comment.